I have an issue/bug to report, what do I do?

First please make sure that your copy of Slide is up to date, if it is not try updating to see if your problem has been solved before trying anything else. If that doesn't solve the issue then please send us an email at [email protected] describing your problem in detail. We have an example of a good bug report here. If you follow this template it will give us the best chance of being able to fix your issue!

Could Slide be made compatible with my chosen Linux based operating system?

If there is enough interest then sure! Drop us an email with your operating system and we will see what we can do.

Is Slide open source?

Unfortunately not, although we do have some in depth tutorials on parts of the Slide source code in the works that will be released soon!

Is Slide DRM free?

Yes! The paid version of Slide is entirely DRM free.

By buying Slide, will I get access to all future updates?

Again, Yes! Buying slide once gives you access to all bug fixes and feature updates/improvements.

I have more than one PC, can I install slide on all of them?

Sure! Once you own Slide it's yours to do whatever you want with (other than redistribute to other people).

How do I get Slide updates?

Slide has a built in updater! Just check your system tray to see if a new version is available.

Why does Slide cost money?

Slide was developed by a team of two people who are working full time to create software that we believe people want and will benefit from. Our hope is that Slide will not be our last project and that we will be able to continue working full time on projects that we find compelling. Unfortunately we would not be able to do this without some form of monetisation, and feel that the low cost of Slide is justified by the features that it offers.

In advanced spanning mode the images aren't in line, is this a bug?

This problem can occur if you have two adjacent monitors with vastly different pixel densities and they are positioned in windows so that your mouse transitions between them without jumping up or down at the center of the monitor. In order for the advanced spanning mode to function properly your monitors should be positioned in windows so that the mouse transitions in line at the top of the highest monitor rather than the center.

I'm having trouble using some aspect of the settings.

We have a user guide available here, if that doesn't solve your problem please send us an email!

Slide doesn't open!

This could be due to the folder you selected for images to be downloaded to during install requiring admin privileges to access, try running slide as admin, if it opens then please change your image download folder in the advanced tab. Please do not select folders that require admin privileges to access as Slide will not be able to read/write to them unless launched with admin access. If this doesn't fix your problem then please contact us!