The iOS 9 release: or, Why I Love Cloudflare

Just a Penguin - IPSW Downloads

In September, Apple Released iOS 9 to the public. It was also's best month to date.

All of the previous traffic records for the site have been broken: most concurrent visitors on the site, most visitors in a day, week, month. Most number of iOS files downloaded, most penguins seen, etc. it goes on and on. Without Cloudflare, a significant number of users wouldn't have been able to get their iOS downloads, or see the penguin! When the iOS 9 release hit, traffic went through the roof, and was too much for my poor server to handle on it's own.

Fortunately, Cloudflare stepped in, helping in a massive way. They kept the website available to all by using their powerful caching, worldwide CDN and security features. Below is a graph of the difference they made.

Statistics from the past month

  • Cloudflare have helped me save 785.78 GB in bandwidth in the past month. That cuts my server costs massively!
  • Cloudflare have served 26,609,149 SSL requests to my website in the past month, keeping the web secure.
  • Cloudflare have blocked 15,834 malicious attacks on my website in the past month.

Here's some more graphs from the past month. I think they speak for themselves...

In a recent email celebrating their 5th Birthday, Cloudflare also sent me these statistics from my time using them...

The Price

Absolutely nothing. £0.00

That's right! Cloudflare has a free plan, and it's perfect for what I need. They also offer further paid plans to support professional and enterprise customers. Just imagine how powerful those are!

So, I have one piece of advice for you, if you're not already using Cloudflare. Use it! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.