Callum Jones BSc

Hi! I'm Callum. I started a small website known as "Just a Penguin" in 2010, before I knew what I really wanted to do with it. Since then, Just a Penguin has built several products for iOS jailbreak users.

I graduated with a first class honours degree in Computer Science from Manchester in 2017. Shortly after, Henry (the gentleman to my right) joined the team. We've combined forces to create the most evil software in the world software we want to use. We hope you'll enjoy it too.

When i'm not furiously mashing keyboards for Just a Penguin, you'll find me working on my open source projects, playing some video games (badly), complaining about trains on Twitter, or at a brewery with Henry pretending I know what good beer tastes like.

Henry Spencer BEng

Hi! I'm a Graduate Electronic Engineer with a passion for programming (and racing cars, I like racing cars too). I graduated with first class honors in 2017, and have been working full time on Slide since then (after a great road trip round Europe)!

Outside of that I have been working on a small Youtube series on the side that we are hoping to introduce to Just a Penguin users soon, playing video games (really well), playing tunes on my guitar and continuing my never-ending quest for world domination to find the best breweries in the UK.

Slide has been by far the largest programming project I have ever worked on, and I am very proud of the final product and hope you like it too!